Honda Civic EG & EK Complete Geometry Correction Kit

$980.00 AUD

Kit Contents

  • Pair of extended front ball joints to suit Honda Civic EG & EK
  • Gold ball joint support sleeves and circlips
  • Castle nuts and split pins
  • Pair of Honed Rear Roll Centre Correction Brackets
  • Adjustable tie rod kit
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
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This kit includes:

A pair of ball joints that are intended to be pressed into Honda Civic & EK knuckles and alter the outer pivot point of the front lower control arm for the purpose of correcting the front roll centre height.

A pair of components that bolt to Honda Civic rear trailing arms and alter the mounting position of the rear lower control arm for the purpose of correcting the rear roll centre height.

An adjustable tie rod kit which allows you to set the height of the outer tie rod pivot point for the purpose of tuning your front toe curve (commonly refereed to as bumpsteer tuning)


  • Ability to run aggressive alignment settings without compromised steering geometry
  • Increased front roll stiffness
  • Recover the camber gain characteristic of the front suspension for a lowered ride height
  • Improved turn in and chassis response
  • Excellent mid corner adjustablity
  • Can get on power earlier as car rotates instead of pushes at corner exit

These benefits have been quantified by on track testing and can be visualized by way of the on board data record

You can read about our track testing with the roll centre correction geometry kit in this blog post

Our front roll centre kit is intended for vehicles that have our rear roll centre correction kit fitted

Our geometry correction components are suited to vehicles with a ride heights between 320mm – 295mm

We recommend front spring rates in the range of 15kg/mm – 22kg/mm (850 lb/in – 1200lb/in)

We recommend rear spring rates in the range of 5kg/mm – 12kg/mm (300 lb/in – 700lb/in)

The rear roll centre brackets increase rear roll stiffness, for customers that have tuned their suspension to have high rear roll stiffness by other means, i.e. with high rear spring rates or stiff rear roll bars we recommend that they reduce their spring and bar rates prior to testing

Tools required for installation:

  • Shop press
  • External Circlip pliers
  • Piece of tube with ~41mm ID, 50mm long (to aid installation of support sleeve)
  • Torque wrench
  • Angle Grinder (and appropriate PPE)
  • Drill and 10mm drill bit

(Optional but handy – die grinder)